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THE Needle and The Thread

​San Angele celebration of the Lady in Blue and continuing production of "THE NEEDLE AND THE THREAD. Special thank you to the people of San Angelo Texas and the Jumano Apache Nation for your help to make this part of or production a reality.

The Forgotten Eagles makes news again!

Mr. Edward James Olmos and Director Victor Mancilla at the Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival.


The Forgotten Eagles, tells the story of the legendary “Aztec Eagles”  of the Mexican Expeditionary Air Force, who flew with the American 58th Fighter Group on Luzon in 1945. The Aztec Eagles were an elite unit of young volunteer Mexican fighter pilots who flew combat missions in support of American and Filipino ground forces in the struggle to free Luzon from the Japanese occupation. They were decorated by the United States, Mexico and the Republic of the Philippines for valor and sacrifice in the cause of freedom. They received the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, the Philippine Liberation Medal and, recently, the Philippine Legion of Honor, personally bestowed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.     By:  Sig Unander

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Be careful what you draw, it may lead to revolution.


 ART and Revolutions®, reveals for the first time the amazing story of Mexico’s famed artist-printer José Guadalupe Posada and his main publisher Antonio Vanegas Arroyo. From their work over 100 years ago springs an unbelievable sphere of influence and inspiration touching and connecting events like the Mexican Revolution, artists fighting Nazis and Fascism, Lucha Libre, the Cuban Revolution, the Grateful Dead, Day of the Dead and the art of today’s social movements.


 Yet Posada’s name is virtually unknown, his story shrouded in myth, called a revolutionary, artist of the people, the Goya of Mexico, crusader against dictator Porfirio Diaz and reputed to have made an astonishing 20,000 works of art in his lifetime. Who was this man so inspirational to generations of artists that his energy drives the imagery of today’s social movements like Occupy, human rights and immigration reform? Fascinated by Posada’s story, an American collector of Posada’s works embarks on a search for the truth about the artist. What he discovers along the way would have amazed even the artist himself.


ART and Revolutions© is the untold story of Posada shot on location in Mexico from director Victor Mancilla (201 Squadron: The Forgotten Eagles, awarded 2009 Smithsonian Institution Best Historical Documentary).

Producer Jim Nikas, Pianist Natasha Marin and Victor Mancilla
San Francisco Cultural Center

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